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Unlock the Power of Blockchain

Online Blockchain Courses and Crypto Consulting

Alpha Eagle Solutions

Alpha Eagle Solutions specializes in blockchain and cryptocurrency education. From general knowledge for beginners, all the way to investing strategies and payment solutions, our team of industry veterans provide the answers you need. We create unique courses with original content that allows you to learn at your own pace. We also offer 1 on 1 consulting sessions that are specifically tailored for beginners and  advanced users alike.


Blockchain will revolutionize the way that businesses and individuals interact with money. In fact, it's already started. By bringing autonomy, efficiency, and opportunity to the world of finance, blockchain and cryptocurrency are poised to radically transform how people use money.


Let us help you navigate the new financial frontier with confidence.

Blockchain Developer

Meet the Founder

Matthew MÜller

Matthew is a blockchain enthusiast with years of experience in the industry. A self taught crypto veteran, he has worked professionally in the blockchain industry with accountants, entrepreneurs, and traditional investors. His expertise equips his clients and students with the power to not only learn blockchain, but how to integrate that knowledge into their businesses, investing strategies, and personal finances.


  • Available Online

    Private 1 hour consult tailored to your needs; suitable for all levels...

1 On 1 Consulting Session (1 Hour)
Coin Manufacturing

“I couldn't have navigated the world of cryptocurrency without Alpha Eagle. Their 1 on 1 sessions were informative and easy to understand, and their consulting services helped me confidently make the right decisions as I began my investment journey.”

Sarah Gupta

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