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THE Mission

At Alpha Eagle Solutions, we aim to educate individuals and businesses alike on the potential of blockchain/cryptocurrency technologies. Our unique courses cover the basics of blockchain and it's practical use, as well as trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. Our consulting services offer one on one training that provides solutions to help you and your business take advantage of this emerging system of financial technology. It is our mission to educate, train, and onboard the next generation of pioneers, helping to thrust our economy into the next frontier of finance. 



Matthew Müller

Blockchain Consultant

Matthew is a blockchain enthusiast with years of experience in the industry. A self taught crypto veteran, he has worked professionally in the blockchain industry with accountants, entrepreneurs, and traditional investors. His expertise equips his clients and students with the power to not only learn blockchain, but how to integrate that knowledge into their businesses, investing strategies, and personal finances.

A teacher at heart, Matthew spent 10 + years working in museums and education. Wanting to get ahead financially, he jumped head first into traditional stock investing and FOREX trading. However, as time passed, he realized that something was terribly wrong with our mainstream financial system. Rampant monetary inflation, coupled with overt market corruption and flawed regulatory bodies, made getting ahead almost impossible. The system prevented the average person from being able to succeed.

Wanting and needing a better path, Matthew took deeper look at alternative, forward thinking financial solutions. This would eventually lead him into the crypto-sphere. The sound fundamentals, consensus security, complete transparency, and potential for growth made him immediately realize that he had found his answer. 

Since then, Matthew has completely immersed himself into the world of blockchain and its many financial solutions. For him, it's more than a way to just make money; it allows personal autonomy, financial freedom, and encourages individual responsibility. Join him and the millions of others who have taken their financial freedom into their own hands.


  • Crytpo Trading Coach 2019-Present
  • Personal Blockchain Onboarding 2019-Present
  • Blockchain Accounting Professional 2021-2023
  • Bachelor's Degree in History
  • Master's Degree in History


  • Certified Blockchain Expert (Blockchain Council)
  • 5+ year Blockchain/Crypto Educator
  • Professional Blockchain/Crypto Accounting Experience
  • Blockchain Basics Certified
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